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The benefits of e-mail without losing the advantages of conventional faxing. No new hardware or software is required.
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Lower Costs - no additional hardware needed
Convenient and Portable
Fax 2 Email is environment friendly
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  • A fax is sent to your unique Fax2Email number
  • The fax is received on the Platform and automatically converted to an email and sent to your email address
  • Your fax is delivered free of charge to your email inbox as an email attachment
  • Your digital fax can now be opened, saved, printed or forwarded

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  • Will Fax2Email slow down our servers?
          The faxes are compressed down to a very small size and will not affect your servers
  • Can my fax number be rerouted to a new email address if mine changes?

  • How secure will my faxes be?
          Faxes can’t be intercepted; they’re just as safe as your emails

  • Once I have signed up for Fax2Email when will I be able to receive faxes on my number?
           Following registration, Fax2Email numbers are immediately active

  • Is there a limit to the amount of faxes I can receive?

  • What happens when I receive two faxes at the same time?
          Unlike conventional fax machines Fax2Email allows you to receive multiple faxes simultaneously and will not give the sender a busy signal

  • How many Fax2Email numbers do I qualify for?
         As many as you wish!

  • Will I need any specific hardware or software for Fax2Email to work?
          No, there is no new hardware or software required

  • I need to send a received fax to somebody else?
         Simply forward the email as you would any other email to the person making sure you include the attachment (i.e. the fax)

  • What format will I receive my faxes in?
          Your fax will be delivered as either a TIFF image or PDF.

  • If my computer is off what happens if I receive a fax?
          Your fax will be treated as a standard email and will be downloaded as soon as you log on.
  • Standard terms and conditions apply
  • Setup fee excluded
  • Account will be set up within 24 hours after receipt of application
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