• 1 September 2023
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Unlocking the Full Potential of In-Store Digital Screens with IntDev Media

In the world of digital marketing, data is the driving force.While online channels brim with insights, in-store digital signage often lags behind, leaving marketers and advertisers in the dark.

The Challenge:

Digital screens in retail spaces, transportation hubs, healthcare facilities, and other environments often operate without real-time data, rendering them mere displays. Selling ad space becomes a manual, fragmented process, leaving advertisers with limited targeting and creative capabilities.

Enter IntDev Media: The Next-Gen AI-Powered Solution

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Dynamic Data Integration

Transition from static displays to sources of real-time, privacy-compliant audience insights.

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Streamlined Ad Sales:

Our programmatic marketplace simplifies ad space sales through your own branded platform.

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Enhanced Advertiser Experience

Offer granular reporting, improved targeting, and creative flexibility.

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Ideal for internal messaging, selling ad space, or a combined approach.

Why Choose IntDev Media?

Seamless management, whether you oversee one screen or thousands.

Boost your operational efficiency, saving time and resources.

Augment asset value and unveil fresh revenue streams.

Craft bespoke experiences for your target audience, precisely when and where it matters most.


Elevate Your Digital Screen Strategy

Whether in retail, hospitality, or any business environment, IntDev Media is your all-in-one solution to harness the power of every pixel.

Ready to redefine your in-store digital strategy? Begin your IntDev Media journey now!

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