Getting audited will cost your organisation thousands...

What if you already had the reports ready for the auditor?

We have the technology and the know-how to prepare your ISO standard compliance reports on a monthly basis.

We can even tell you how you did and put a project plan in place if you are not meeting the relevant requirements. Stop looking over your shoulder, waiting for the big bill to come. Take control of your IT environment and start breathing easy.


The Platform

RUBIQ is a cloud-based platform utilising the latest technologies to deliver a truly unique, comprehensive, and dynamic Governance, Risk and Compliance (“GRC”) management system for any size organisation, anywhere in the world. RUBIQ is quickly implemented, efficient to use, and affordable to organisations of all sizes

Centralised GRC Value for Your Business

  • 360° visibility into GRC
  • Low cost of ownership and speed of implementation
  • Elimination of hundreds to thousands of documents, spreadsheets, and emails
  • Significant efficiencies in time through automation
  • Robust, transparent reporting and business intelligence
  • Greater assurance to board and stakeholders
  • Agile and future focussed
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