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What is ThinkAgile CP?

ThinkAgile CP is a turnkey, purpose-built, composable cloud infrastructure that provides organisations with an easy-to-operate platform to deliver self-service IT while freeing your staff to focus on applying technology to next-generation business challenges.



ThinkAgile CP is a ready-to-use private cloud designed to help IT leaders transform their organisations into innovative centres by freeing your staff from time-consuming maintenance tasks.

Our solution resides safely in our data centre, so you’ll maintain control of your security, service level agreements, and avoid the unpredictable monthly billing of a public cloud. ThinkAgile CP can scale as your business grows, all while helping you quickly respond to the demands of your organisation by automating the management of your applications

ThinkAgile CP’s Value for Your Business

Every company faces unique challenges and the ThinkAgile approach is molded around your company’s culture and context to get you where you need to be, no matter where you are starting from.

  • Modular scaling and allocation
  • VDC Over-Subscription, Dedupe and Compression (Storage)
  • Native backup, recovery, migration, chargeback features
  • Services Catalogue
  • Application Marketplace
  • Robust API
  • Role based access control
  • Native support services, monitoring tools
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