SALT Security Overview

APIs – the dominant target in today’s application environments

Improve your API security with Intdev by just adding Salt. We have added Salt to our portfolio of technology vendors, meaning you can call on a local team of experts to help you discover all your APIs, stop every API attack, and eliminate API vulnerabilities in development, whether your apps are on-premises or in the cloud.


What happens when hackers target APIs?

  • Data Exfiltration
  • Data Loss
  • Account Takeover
  • Account Loss
  • Account Misuse
  • Fruad
  • Service Disruption
  • Service Outages

Introducing Salt Security from Intdev

The Salt Security API Protection Platform, available from Intdev, secures your APIs across the full API lifecycle. The Salt platform collects a copy of API trafficacross your entire application landscape and uses big data, machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI) to discover all your APIs and their exposed data, stop attacks, and eliminate vulnerabilities at their source. The Salt platform:

  • Discovers all APIs and exposed data – Automatically inventory all your APIs, including shadow and zombie APIs, and highlight all instances where your APIs expose sensitive data. Continuous discovery ensures your APIs stay protected even as your environment evolves and changes with agile DevOps practices.
  • Stops API attackers – Pinpoint and stop threats to your APIs by identifying attackers early, during their reconnaissance phase, and prevent them from advancing. The Salt platform correlates activities back to a single entity, sends a consolidated alert to avoid alert fatigue, and blocks the attacker rather than transactions.
  • Improve your API security posture – Salt proactively identifies vulnerabilities in your APIs even before they serve production traffic. The platform also uses attackers like pen testers, capturing their minor successes to provide insights for dev teams while stopping attackers before they reach their objective.

Do You Have Any Questions?

  • Organizations of all sizes in every industry that builds APIs to power customer-facing, partner-facing, and internal applications.
  • Salt leads in FinTech, FinServ, Tech SaaS, and Pharmaceutical companies.
  • Organizations that need to prevent API attacks to protect business-critical applications and customer data.
  • Organizations that need to understand risk, meet compliance requirements, and eliminate API vulnerabilities.
  • Identify and stop attackers early, during the reconnaissance phase, before they can advance.
  • Eliminate blind spots with a continuously updated catalog of all known and unknown APIs across environments Meet compliance requirements by identifying the APIs that expose sensitive data.
  • Improve security and development workflows to deliver secure applications faster.
  • Eliminate API vulnerabilities with prioritized, actionable insights for developers.

SALT in Action

The Salt platform deploys with no agents and no code changes. It simply gets a copy of your API traffic and send metadata into the Salt big data platform. Salt discovers all your APIs, and our ML and AI algorithms identify security gaps in your APIs and establish a baseline of normal API patterns so we can detect and stop attackers.

How Salt Helps Your Bottom Line

The Salt platform saves your team significant time and effort in identifying and addressing API security gaps.

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Fewer ucumented APIs
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Faster time to resolution
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Few Alerts
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Faster API Remediation
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Time savings for Complieance

Get Your Peace Of Mind

Salt is proud of the customers it has been able to protect, enabling them to drive business innovation through their APIs.

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